Ft. Lauderdale hotels

Ft. Lauderdale hotels


The diversity of Ft. Lauderdale hotels makes for a wide array of choices when it comes to accommodations and lodging. Stay at a cozy, off-the-beaten path hideaway for one night, and then check into a luxurious, high rise suite the next. Still want something different? What about a resort with a private spas and private beach? Want to look over the ocean or is the quiet and alluring intercoastal more to your liking? It's all here for the waiting.

Whatever you decide, Ft. Lauderdale hotels offer a wide range amenities, price and value. And because of the large amount of Spring Break traffic, the surrounding nightlife is as diverse and plentiful as the hotels themselves.

Strategically located between the bustling metropolis of Miami and the luxurious locale of Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale has evolved into a sophisticated yet casual resort town, where each day can be an adventure

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Ft. Lauderdale hotels
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